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Fraud, Deceptions, and Downright Lies About College Essay Examples Exposed

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Essay On Als - 1465 Words

There are 6,000 people each year that are diagnosed with ALS, but around 20,000 people are living with this deadly disease at any given time who are unaware. ALS is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis that affects body functions and periodically the nervous system gets damaged. ALS is not the only disease that harms people, there is also Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy which is long for CTE. CTE damages the brain function which can lead to four different medical illnesses. ALS and CTE are becoming more common in athletes. The sports that are causing this fatal disease can vary from football to golf. In addition, concussions and head trauma can lead to critical brain impairment or even death. The sports world should keep in mind the well-being†¦show more content†¦Athletes are diagnosed with CTE because of repetitive blows to the head. After getting hit in the head, brown spots which are known as tau proteins form around the brain, this causes blood vessels to interpret normal fun ction, that kills nerve cells. With the killing of the nerve cells this can lead to either Parkinson, Huntington, Alzheimer and Dementia. The main symptoms of CTE and the illness are aggression, cognitive impairment and short-term memory loss. As known, CTE affects the brain, it mainly affects the the frontal lobe which leads to impulsive behavior and the amygdala which leads to uncontrollable emotions like rage. Both disease are attacking and killing athletes at young ages. Athletes are being diagnosed with ALS or CTE at an earlier age than expected. Athletes are being diagnosed with ALS around their twenties to thirties, however the expected age of the diagnosis is forties to seventies. After, the diagnosis athletes are given between two to five years of a life span left. On the other hand CTE and the other four diseases are being diagnosed from the ages of twenty to forty, where the common age is around the forties to sixties. CTE and the others diseases can last for years, but sadly athletes are stuck with theses until death. For, example Scott Matzka is thirty-nine year old is married and has two children. He played with the National Hockey League from 2001 to 2014. In 2013, ALSShow MoreRelatedALS Essay1042 Words   |  5 PagesFunctional Deficits Caused by ALS People with ALS have a median survival of three years, and the immediate cause of death is respiratory failure, pneumonia, or cardiac arrhythmias (Arbesman, M; Sheard, K). According to Arbesman and Sheard, about ten percent of people with ALS survive ten years or more (Arbesman, M; Sheard, K). Early symptoms of ALS diagnosed individuals include muscle twitches in the upper and lower extremities and in the tongue, muscle cramps, stiff muscles, muscle weakness inRead MoreALS Essay1341 Words   |  6 PagesWhat The Sports World Is Doing About CTE And ALS In November of 2016 Former NFL Football player, Kevin Turner died of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) at the age of forty-six years old. Shockingly, it was found after his death that he died of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) not ALS. From this new discovery, the idea of ALS and CTE being linked was brought forth. ALS is a disease that attacks and weakens all other parts of the body except the brain, whereas CTE is a brain disease thatRead MoreAls Essay1015 Words   |  5 PagesTake Precaution No Matter What Professional athletes can be at risk of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,Chronic Traumatic Encetholpothy and concussions. The reason they can occur is because of brain trauma. ALS is a diseases in which certain nerves cells in the brain in the spinal cord slowly die, it is also responsible for controlling voluntary muscle movements. On the other hand CTE is a degenerative brain disease found in athletes, military veterans and others that have a history in repetitive brainRead MoreALS Essay1407 Words   |  6 PagesCTE and ALS Can Attack Many people around the world may be familiar with the horrible diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which both are commonly caused from brain trauma. However, what people may not know is that these brain injuries are frequently reoccuring among athletes from collision sports. CTE is a neurodegenerative disease found from multiple head injuries. On the other hand, ALS can also be from a brain collision or hereditary. ALS causesRead MoreALS Essay1267 Words   |  6 PagesAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is causing many athletes to have severe medical problems. ALS affects every part of your body except your brain and also impacts physical function. CTE attacks only your brain and not your body. Young athletes with a history of repeated head trauma have higher risks of getting these diseases. These diseases are more common in contact sports. Concussions and head traumas are two huge factors t o ALS and CTE. Multiple hits toRead MoreAls Essay1373 Words   |  6 Pages Athletes Constantly Being Threatened Sports athletes such as Lou Gehrig gain success and win championships, but they may lose their ability to perform daily functions. Diseases such as ALS and CTE are one of the main causes that strip athletes from continuing to practice sports and physical activities. These two conditions are consequences of hits and impacts to the head that affect the brain. Therefore, people should be prepared and know what to do when an athlete receives a blow to the head. RulesRead MoreALS Essay1190 Words   |  5 Pagesget CTE and ALS It took the knockout of Hall of Fame quarterback, Troy Aikman, to get the NFL to finally take concussions seriously. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis known as (ALS) is a disease that causes neurons which control voluntary muscles. Makes people weak also difficult to speak, swallow, and breathe. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy known as (CTE) is also described as brain degeneration. It is coming more common now in the word that athletes are now more likely to get CTE or ALS. People needRead MoreAl-Qaraqahakav Essay701 Words   |  3 Pageshe settled down as a teacher at Qaá ¹ ­ar University, he was still committed to his role as a preacher. His role as a preacher actually became known primarily through his TV programme al-Ã…  arÄ «ÃŠ »a wa-l-á ¸ ¤ayÄ t [The Ã…  arÄ «ÃŠ »a and life]. This programme was launched by al-ÄžazÄ «ra TV station in 1997 . It is a program that showcased al-Qaraá ¸ Ã„ wÄ « as a media preacher and a general authority on the Ã…  arÄ «ÃŠ »a as well as on specific issues in Islamic law. In this programme, he represented the authoritative voice of the IslamicRead More Al Capone Essay1518 Words   |  7 Pages Al Capone still remains one of the most notable residents of quot;the Rock.quot; In a memoir written by Warden James Johnston, he reminisced about the intensity of public interest around Capones imprisonment, stating that he was continually barraged with questions about quot;Big Al.quot; Each day newspapers and press flooded his office with phone calls, wanting to know everything from how Capone liked the weather on quot;the Rock,quot; to what job assignment he was currently holding. BeforeRead MoreEssay on Al Capone697 Words   |  3 PagesAl Capone is one of Americas most feared, greatest-known gangsters and the utmost symbol of the fail of law and order in the United States during the 1920’s Prohibition era. Alphonse Capone was born on January 17, 1899, in Naples, Italy. He and his family later immigrated to the United States. They settled in Brooklyn, New York (â€Å"Capone, Alphonse†). Al Capone was a ruthless, violent, horrifying gangster. He was very organized and set on his high income. In 1920’s and 1930’s, Capone was the most

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Roman Woman Profile Essay - 1215 Words

Roman Woman Profile The sculpture that we have observed has been dated to the first half of the first century C.E. This places the portrait during the Julio-Claudian period in Roman history. From the information we have gathered about the time period, the womans style of dress and of the types of sculpture prevelant during the period, we have formed a possible profile of the daily life of the subject. It was determined that the women in the portrait was most likely a freeborn, upper-middle class citizen of Rome. The portrait seems to have been a part of a funerary monument, a conclusion which was drawn due to the pattern of cleavage observed at the back of her head and the sides of her face. It was also observed that there was a†¦show more content†¦This region most likely was a nodus coiffiture, or a knot of hair worn directly above the center of the forehead. The nodus style was popularized by Livia, wife of Nero. It was often worn by women of the imperial court or those of higher status (Cormack 167). We are led to believe that she was a freeborn woman because her natal family would have been the ones to commission her monument and using these conclusions they could have afforded to do so. Because this sculpture is very simular in style to many others found in Rome, we can conclude that she was Roman in ethnicity (Johansen 246-7). It has been speculated that the woman that the portrait depicts was in fact a vestal virgin, however one particular feature seems to dispute this theory. Vestal virgins were typically shown with an infula, a frontlet or headband, around the hairline just above the forehead. While from the frontal angle the portrait appears to have a similar band, closer observation shows that the womans hair has been braided and wrapped around the forehead in similar style, and that the veil she wears appears merely to be of the style generally shown in funerary monuments. All other representations of vestal virgins we have studied generally have a very apparent infula, so in this case it seems that while the features may appear similar, the fuller veil and knotted hairstyle of the portrait, lean more toward matron than vestal virgin (Johansen 246-7).Show MoreRelated Ancient Egyptian Greek and Roman Stele Essay1249 Words   |  5 PagesAncient Egyptian Greek and Roman Stele Just as we use tombstones to mark graves and commemorate our dead, so too did ancient civilizations. One way to do so in the ancient world was through the use of steles. A stele is a stone slab, usually decorated in relief and inscribed, that honored the death of a person. Three of the ancient cultures that had implemented the use of the stele were the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. In comparing an example from each civilization, it is possible to seeRead MoreEvaluate the Significance of Agrippinas Marriages in Her Rise to Prominence.1134 Words   |  5 Pagesbrothers from Sejanus’ scheming. Upon their marriage, Agrippina moved from the house on the Palatine to Gnaeus’ house on the Via Sacra. Both Agrippina and Gnaeus gained something from their marriage. By Gnaeus marrying a â€Å"Julian Princess†, or woman from the Julian bloodline, he was made consul in AD32 for a year by Caligula, extended from the usual six month period. Apart from the protection Gnaeus provided for Agrippina, the birth of Agrippina’s only child, Nero, was another. Nero, born as LuciusRead MoreComparison of Paintings of Irene and St Sebastian699 Words   |  3 Pagesmiddle of the frame, that is showing an important connection to the foreground. Most of the lines in the painting run horizontal and cross each other to drag the viewer’s eyes around the frame. The body of Saint Sebastian intersects the arm of the woman, also the direction of the heads in the foreground creates implied lines that connect bring the viewer back and forth across the painting. The in this painting like most of this era use lines help to convey motion. The uses of foreshortening addedRead MoreAnalysis of Big Brothers Eyes653 Words   |  3 PagesBig brothers eyes - by William D. Eggers and Eve Tushnet On 2 May 2002, The New York Post published an article about the use of surveillance cameras in public places written by William D. Eggers and Eve Tushnet of the Manhattan Institute, a high-profile right-wing think-tank. Entitled Big Brothers Eyes and printed on The Posts opinion page, William (Bill) Eggers was born in 1967 and is an American writer and government consultant. Eggers was born in New York City, grew up in the Chicago, IllinoisRead MoreEssay on Rights Of Egyptian Women1669 Words   |  7 Pagesgiven equal status to their male counterparts: notably, matrilineal inheritance and emphasis on the joy of family life over maintaining ethnic purity. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Legally, women in Ancient Egypt held the same legal rights as men. A woman could own property and manage it as she saw fit. One example of this, the Inscription of Mes, provided scholars with proof that women could manage property, institute litigation, and could act as a witness before a court of law. Surviving court documentsRead MoreGrave stele of a little girl1605 Words   |  7 Pagesbeautiful relief of what appears to be a small child holding two birds. The forearm resembles a young child’s arm because it seems that the â€Å"baby fat† is still present, but it is strange that the face has less-childish features. The figure is in strict profile, which possibly suggests a Greek sculptor, in addition to the intricate detail and the contrapposto. Egyptian sculptors did not have the anatomical accuracy of human figures that the Greek artists did. The girl has her left leg slightly bent whileRead MoreWho Is A Political Scientist? Essay1291 Words   |  6 Pagesinterview with (60 min.) in which he said he would appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices, with the goal of overturning Roe vs. Wade. That the decision would go back to the states, really how on earth do these people think they have a right on what a woman choose to do with her body. I personally do not agree with abortion, but I have no right to say what any person can or can t do with their body. I have no right to voice my opinion when it comes down to their life. I am talking about abortion beforeRead MorePhysical Features Of Cosmetic Surgery Essay1329 Words   |  6 Pagesarises and intensifies after failed attempts to attain thinness and the social accepted standard of beauty, is a common psychological disorder amongst young woman that often leads to pursuing cosmetic surgery, while professional psychiatric care would be more beneficial for the individual. Body dissatisfaction occurs everywhere in the world to woman and men of all ages. A study done by Carmen Carrion surveyed 179 female undergraduate students from an urban private University in the city of CartagenaRead MoreCorruption Of The Silent Killer Essay1533 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Some writers say that corruption is endemic in all governments, and that it is not peculiar to any ethnic group, region or continent. It cuts across faiths, religious denominations and political systems and affects both young and old, man and woman alike. Corruption is found in democratic and dictatorial politics; feudal, capitalist and socialist economies. (African economic analysis). Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist cultures are equally bedeviled by corruption. And corrupt practices didRead More Egyptian Art Essay893 Words   |  4 Pagesconcepts that were established in the beginning, ideas of the artist grew faster and better. Many cultures shared from the influence of Egyptian Art. Even if it was not copied, their artwork was either compared or contrasted with that of the Greeks, Romans, Summerians, Assyrians and Persians. All in one way or another form have come in contact with Egyptian Art. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Art is different variations of expression, either self-expression or cultural. From painting, sculpture, architecture

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Financial Crisis Assets Drops Rapidly

Question: Describe about theFinancial Crisis and Assets Drops Rapidly. Answer: Introduction Financial crisis refers to a situation whereby the value of assets drops rapidly. Usually this situation is associated with panic which at times may result into large number of investors rushing to bank to sell off their assets or even withdrawing money from their savings account with fear that the value of their assets may drop rapidly. Financial crisis can be caused by assets being overvalued and can usually be exacerbated by the behavior of investors. Global financial crisis is traced back to the middle of 2007 and 2008 whereby the world stock fell rapidly leading to collapse of large financial institutions globally. Government of different countries had to come up with rescue strategies to bail their financial plans. This essay provides an overview of Global financial crisis with an aim of digging deeply on some of the examples of financial crisis, their possible causes, the possibility of the crisis re occurring and the general reforms that have been developed to curb such crisi s. Examples of financial crisis Financial crisis is a major economic catastrophe that is experienced in most parts of the world. There are series of financial crises that have been experienced since the famous global financial crises. Sub-prime mortgage is a good example of financial crisis that greatly affected the global financial market worldwide. In 1866, there was an international financial panic that accompanied the failure of Gurney in London, England. This crisis resulted to a lot of panic within the global market. In 1825, there was a pervasive recession in the British whereby nearly all banks including the Bank of England almost collapsed (Corsetti, Pesenti, Roubini, (1999). The panic of 1847, started as a result of the collapse of British financial market. This subsequently led to the collapse of railway industry boom. In 1763 there was serious financial crisis which started in Amsterdam (Lemmon, Larry Lins (2003). This crisis begun by the collapse of Leendert Pieter de Neufville. It spread rapidly to Germany and later entered the major cities of Scandinavia. Financial crisis remain one of the major catastrophic economic threat. Back in 2009, the famous European debt crisis, which was famously known as Eurozone crisis saw many several Eurozone members unable to refinance their government without assistance of third parties (Taylor (2009). This crisis was caused by a combination of complex factors that included globalization of finance. There were easy finance conditions between the periods of 2002 to 2008 leading to this catastrophic financial crisis. In 2008, the Great Recession was a financial crisis in Russian markets that was compounded by political fear after the war that occurred with Georgia. The plummeting price of crude oil was a clear indication of this financial crisis. As a result financial crisis is major global catastrophe that has hit several countries in the world. The diagram below shows graphical representation of the financial crisis that occurred in U.S.A between 2008 and 2009. Possible causes of financial crisis Excess leverage: excess leverage is one of the major causes of financial crisis globally. Usually there exists very little transparency in accounting for leverages. In fact at times, leverages go beyond balance sheet that subsequently results to financial crisis. This situation is usually beyond the skill of most legislators to handle. Taxes and subsidies: Tax policies usually play a vital part on the flow of capital and the current tax code need a complete overhaul. Lack of Financial Transaction Tax encourage short term speculation and discourage the long term speculation, this results to financial crisis. Failure to eliminate the subsidy on debt based encourages more debt when we have much debt already. Governance: a poorly governed democratic government results to mismanagement of funds. Here if exchanges are not properly managed by government, then the implication of poor governance would greatly result to financial crisis. If exchanges are governed as commons then there could be no way that civil society would condone the raised frequency which in most cases usually benefit the a few at the expense of low system resiliency. Fraud: committing fraud is a major factor that has resulted to financial crisis. Some financial institutions have been prosecuted for their role in financial crisis. For example the Great Recession in Russia was of as a result of firms selling toxic mortgage-backed securities to institutional investors. Conflict of interest: usually there exist conflicts of interest in a banking institution between which interests to serve first at the expense of another. Toleration of such blatant conflict would significantly result into financial crisis. Banks that serves self-interest at the expense of society interest is a clear indication of gradual emergence of financial crisis. Such situation would serve as self-serving and patently false assumption that is usually taken but in the long run would result into a serious financial crisis. Liquidity: just like leverage, liquidity is very difficult to match. There is no reason for a bank to speculate building implicit backing of taxpayers. The liquidity ratio set by Basel 111 is an important battle to watch. At times it becomes very difficult to understand the true liquidity position of certain banking document. The difficulty in understanding true liquidity may result into critical financial crisis. Therefore it is important for a banking institution to strive and understand the liquidity of a given banking document. These are the major root causes of financial crisis in most parts of the world. There are however reforms and strategies that have been set aside to handle such risks. Can Global Financial Crisis occur again? With various measures taken after the occurrence of global financial crisis, the question that still hit the mind of many financial institutions is that can the crisis re occur. After looking at the causes of financial crisis and the reforms that have then been developed to curb such crisis, I have tried to imagine of such crisis occurring again. (Mitton, 2002)My argument is entirely based on the causes and the major reforms that have been developed to deal with such crisis. I have also tried to look at the aforementioned reforms to check if really they work as expected. Global financial crisis was not caused by a single factor but was caused by a combination of several factors ranging from political to economic factors. This is a clear indication that Global financial crisis would still re occur if such factors are not properly taken care of. Based on the reforms developed, we cannot assume that the reforms work perfectly. It is estimated that the crisis can reoccur but not like the 2008 financial crisis. This is because the reforms that were undertaken will mitigate the crisis. There are steady progresses after the famous 2008 crisis and in most parts of the world we have experienced a steady progress. This is a clear indication that the crisis may reoccur but not like the aforementioned 2008 crisis. (Mitton, 2002) A research conducted by Geithner shows that the government and the central government will be forced to act again in order to take the risks that the market will not be able to take. Stock market valuation appear high a condition that mi ght lead to another financial crisis if not taken care of. Scale and impact of financial crisis The effects of financial crisis were widespread. It affected the investment in developing countries both directly and indirectly. Financial crisis also affected the banking sector in a number of ways leading to even collapse of some banking institutions. In this essay, I try to look at some of the impact of financial crisis both within my country and globally. In financial institution, the crisis led to panic as investors rushed to banking institutions to liquidate their assets in highly leveraged banking institutions. There was estimation by the International Monetary Fund that a lot of assets were lost. In developing countries, the financial crisis led to economic deterioration as there was insufficient funds to drive the projects that had been earlier initiated. (Reinhart Rogoff, 2008) These countries that were hit hardest by the financial crisis unemployment arose due to the financial crisis. In fact in developing countries unemployed people were hit majorly as they were observe d straining to acquire their unemployment insurance fund. In developed countries there was reduction in export earnings. Even though this was not a major impact on the economy of developed counties, it had a serious knock on their economy. Financial flow also reduced as a result of the crisis. The financial flow from the rest of the world greatly reduced during this period. It negatively affected the economy of the developed countries as there was global panic on the gradual financial flow. The following is a diagrammatic representation of some of the impacts of financial crisis in the federal balance sheet. Proposed reforms to curb financial crisis Regulatory responses have been set to address the effects of financial crisis. Several reforms have been developed to ensure that a repeat of the famous financial crisis be avoided at all cost. Regulations against as lending practices, tax policies and licensing have been developed. Timothy Geithner blamed the governments for insufficient power to control the wreck less credit practices that lead to financial crisis. He further blamed bankers and financial sectors for failing to have memory to see what would happen if a large amount of money was build outside the safeguard of what economy would require. Financial firms were regulated from neither too big nor too interconnected to fail. . (Reinhart Rogoff, 2008) When a firm becomes too big or too interconnected than we opt then legal authority need to be put aside to deal with this involvement. This strategy was missing during the aforementioned crisis but today has been implemented. The regulatory change that targets a particular asset such as hedge funds should be properly investigated. Transparency is needed such markets and all financial transactions need to pass through organized exchanges. They should also be a subject to strict reporting requirement to regulators. In America, the U.S president Barrack Oba ma and his advisors introduced some regulatory reforms in 2009 to curb financial crisis. These proposal were aimed at protecting consumer, bank financial cushions and the expanded the regulation of shadow banking system. Bills have been developed to regulate the lending practices that initially were not regulated. Government agency authority was passed to regulate government insurance and to refinance loans which was estimated at around 500,000 borrowers. . (Reinhart Rogoff, 2008) Short selling restriction was also developed in the U.S. This included a ban on the temporary short selling of financial stocks. This reform aimed at reducing rapid price prior to its bankruptcy. There was a reform to close down all troubled financial institutions such as the hedge funds. Leverages that a financial institution could assume were restricted to help in regulating short term borrowing. These proposed reforms have led to a greater reduction of funds mismanagement and with time it is estimated that financial crisis will be entirely avoided. Conclusion Financial crisis still remain one of the major catastrophe in the economy of today. Undoubtedly it remains a setback to our economy of today and even tomorrow. Luckily this is a setback that can be overcome. There are many reasons why we should remain optimistic that financial crisis is a setback that we can overcome. Having leant hard lesions during this tough financial period, our economy has remained resilient as a result of good growth and better policies that have been adopted. There are large markets that continue to grow and will be able to assist the economy of developing countries. In the near future, the huge fiscal and monetary expansion programs, the developing may soon pluck the fruits of their renewed vigor to curb the global financial crisis that greatly affected their economies. References Corsetti, G., Pesenti, P., Roubini, N. (1999). What caused the Asian currency and financial crisis?. Japan and the world economy, 11(3), 305-373. Lemmon, M. L., Lins, K. V. (2003). Ownership structure, corporate governance, and firm value: Evidence from the East Asian financial crisis. The journal of finance, 58(4), 1445-1468. Mitton, T. (2002). A cross-firm analysis of the impact of corporate governance on the East Asian financial crisis. Journal of financial economics, 64(2), 215-241. Reinhart, C. M., Rogoff, K. S. (2008). Is the 2007 US sub-prime financial crisis so different? An international historical comparison (No. w13761). National Bureau of Economic Research. Taylor, J. B. (2009). The financial crisis and the policy responses: An empirical analysis of what went wrong (No. w14631). National Bureau of Economic Research.

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A Social Interaction Problem in the USA

Social problems can be simply defined as those problems, which affect the society in addition to the person who falls victim. That is, they are problems that occur outside the limits of personal problems. As such, it is not possible for these problems to be solved by an individual alone since they normally require the intervention of every individual in the society. One such problem is the issue of teenage pregnancy that is currently being experienced in most parts of the world.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on A Social Interaction Problem in the USA specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In America, the issue of teenage pregnancy has proved to be a social problem given the alarming rates of teenage pregnancy being experienced in the nation. Statistics have indicated that about one million teenagers in America get pregnant each year (Gillham 13). This is to mean that approximately one out every four teenagers in America is pregnant or has a child. These rates have proved to be the highest in the Western world. From this, it can be clearly depicted that teenage pregnancy is a critical issue facing the United States of America. Teenage pregnancy is a social interaction problem because of the burden that the society faces as a result of this problem. First, teenage pregnancy in most cases occurs to girls below the age of twenty years. At this age, the girl is normally expected to be pursuing their studies in high school or college. However, when the girl becomes pregnant, chances of going on with their studies are normally minimal (Kaplan). This is because of the fact that the child becomes a burden to the teenage mother hence preventing her from completing her studies. This teenage girl eventually becomes semi-illiterate and it becomes difficult to get a job with their level of education. The pregnancy eventually makes the teenage girl depend on the society hence a burden on the society. For instanc e, the government of the United States of America recently states that it spends close to $6.9 billion on the public assistance of teenage pregnancy crisis. Secondly, the victims of teenage pregnancy normally refrain from interacting with their peers as they did before the pregnancy (Checkland and Wong). Most of the teenage girls who have fallen victim of teenage pregnancy normally feel ashamed and decide to keep to themselves. As such, teenage pregnancy robs of the teenagers their childhood by making them act as adults while their ages do not allow them to do so. This eventually leads to poor health since they spend most of their time thinking of their situation, which is despised in the society.Advertising Looking for essay on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Having seen at how the problem of teenage pregnancy adversely affects the American society it is important that the preventive and corrective measures b e taken in order to help curb this problem. Research conducted in the United States of America has indicated that most of the teenage pregnancies are as a result of lack or poor use of contraceptives (Kaplan). As such, the government of the United States of America should evolve ways through which the entire public and especially the teenagers will be educated and informed of the contraception methods in order to reduce cases of teenage pregnancies. It is also important that the teenagers be informed of the risks of engaging in pre-marital sex such as risks of being infected with the endless list of sexually transmitted infections/ diseases. Works Cited Checkland, David and Wong, James. Teen Pregnancy and Parenting: Social and  Ethical Issues. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press, 1999. Print. Gillham, Bill. The facts about teenage pregnancies. New York: Continuum International Publishing Group, 1997. Print. Kaplan, Elaine. Not Our Kind of Girl: Unraveling the Myths of Bla ck Teenage  Motherhood. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1997. Print. This essay on A Social Interaction Problem in the USA was written and submitted by user Michael W. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Examples of the Null Hypothesis

Examples of the Null Hypothesis The null hypothesis- which assumes that there is no meaningful relationship between two variables- may be the most valuable hypothesis for the scientific method because it is the easiest to test using a statistical analysis. This means you can support your hypothesis with a high level of confidence. Testing the null hypothesis can tell you whether your results are due to the effect of manipulating ​the dependent variable or due to chance. What Is the Null Hypothesis? The null hypothesis states there is no relationship between the measured phenomenon (the dependent variable) and the independent variable. You do not​ need to believe that the null hypothesis is true to test it. On the contrary, you will likely suspect that there is a relationship between a set of variables. One way to prove that this is the case is to reject the null hypothesis. Rejecting a hypothesis does not mean an experiment was bad or that it didnt produce results. In fact, it is often one of the first steps toward further inquiry. To distinguish it from other hypotheses, the null hypothesis is written as  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹H0  (which is read as â€Å"H-nought,† H-null, or H-zero). A significance test is used to determine the likelihood that the results supporting the null hypothesis are not due to chance. A confidence level of 95 percent or 99 percent is common. Keep in mind, even if the confidence level is high, there is still a small chance the null hypothesis is not true, perhaps because the experimenter did not account for a critical factor or because of chance. This is one reason why its important to repeat experiments. Examples of the Null Hypothesis To write a null hypothesis, first start by asking a question. Rephrase that question in a form that assumes no relationship between the variables. In other words, assume a treatment has no effect. Write your hypothesis in a way that reflects this. Question Null Hypothesis Are teens better at math than adults? Age has no effect on mathematical ability. Does taking aspirin every day reduce the chance of having a heart attack? Taking aspirin daily does not affect heart attack risk. Do teens use cell phones to access the internet more than adults? Age has no effect on how cell phones are used for internet access. Do cats care about the color of their food? Cats express no food preference based on color. Does chewing willow bark relieve pain? There is no difference in pain relief after chewing willow bark versus taking a placebo. Null Hypothesis Examples

Monday, February 24, 2020

Smallpox and its History as a Bio-Weapon Research Paper

Smallpox and its History as a Bio-Weapon - Research Paper Example The primary method of spreading was through air vapor, meaning the disease was passed quickly among family members and individuals living or working in close proximity to one another. In addition the scabs that were formed as part of the disease were highly infectious, and clothing or bedding used by an individual with the disease was able to pass on the disease to another. The ability of the virus to survive in bedding and clothing provided the inspiration for use of the virus as a biological weapon (PubMed Health 2011). There is no direct treatment against the disease. When the virus was first prominent vaccination was an unknown technique. Instead, inoculation was used, which involved inserting the virus itself into the individuals being inoculated. The virus is much more virulent that what is used for vaccination, and it could cause sickness for many weeks in individuals inoculated (Adams, Adams and Shuffelton 1876). Vaccination was developed against the disease later on which helped individuals to create antibodies for the virus, protecting them against infection. Vaccination involves the injection of a lower virulence, homologous virus, which allows the body to raise antibodies against the virus without the large negative effects that inoculation has (PubMed Health 2011). . There are two forms of smallpox. Variola major is the more serious form and is life threatening in people who are not vaccinated. Variola minor is a milder form of infection that causes illness but rarely death. When the viru s first appeared, these strains could not be separated based on clinical form except during outbreaks, now they are able to be identified using virological identification .The virus was considered eradicated as a consequence of a program by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1970 . There are a large number of symptoms connected to smallpox including, excessive bleeding, fever, vomiting, severe headache, delirium and fatigue. One of the most noticeable symptoms is the appearance of a raised pink rash, which turns into sores that then become crusty over time. These sores or scabs are able to pass on the infection and the disease is infectious in an individual until the scabs fall off. While the virus has been eradicated from the general population, samples of it remain in laboratories that are used for government research . The virus caused a large number of deaths worldwide, and there are fears that the remaining samples may be taken advantage of as a bio-weapon, such as in a ter rorism attack. Effects if Released There are a number of organisms that could be used in biological warfare that causes widespread death and disease. Smallpox is one of the most serious of these. When the virus was prevalent, the death rate was 30%, and even now there is no specific therapy for infection . If exposure is known, then the vaccine can be given up to four days after exposure. This can prevent the disease or reduce the severity. However, once it has become symptomatic, there are no direct treatments available . Antibiotics are sometimes used to relieve secondary infections that are sometimes associated with the disease, but these have no effect on the progression of the disease itself . The smallpox virus caused widespread death and disease for a significant period of time, throughout the discovery of the New World and the American Revolution in particular. While inoculation was available, there were no treatments against the virus, and those infected were often isolated or killed to prevent the infection from being